Your workshops are the best I’ve ever attended
— Joe Medeiros

In 2016 Christiaan introduced the 'van Hemert System': a unique Gypsy jazz guitar improvisation system that will enable anyone to reach a high level of improvisation in a short amount time.

During events and festivals he has further developed and expanded on the basic ideas that the system is built on. Now it extends into a full course which includes a rhythm workshop, technique exercises, practice methods and ways to deal with frustration in the process of studying.

The van Hemert System has helped many eager musicians worldwide to improve their Gypsy jazz skills!

Wanna learn more about the van Hemert System?

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Upcoming workshops

Christiaan will be teaching at Django in June from 11-17 June!

Christiaan is present as part of the violin staff during the camp, but guitar players are not to worry as he will provide a full day of workshops prior to the start of the camp.

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